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In an article published in the May/June 2008 issue of the Journal of Infusion Nursing, Drs. Hertzog and Waybill cite that “many authors have noted that successful bedside PICC placement is extremely operator dependent and have emphasized the importance of dedicated provider training, standardization of procedures, and continuous quality improvement programs. Ongoing quality assessment and data evaluation programs have improved outcomes.”

Hertzog PR, Waybill PN. Complications and controversies associated with peripherally inserted central catheters. J Infus Nurs. 2008; 31(3):159-163.

Infusion Care Experts, Inc. QA data collected 2018

The success rate for bedside placement of EKG PICCs terminating in the SVC utilizing Ultrasound/ MST.

Contract Services2018Findings/Analysis
PICC Tip SVC/CAJ261295.6% SVC/CAJ PICC Placement with ECG Technology
Unable to Identify P-Wave662.4% SVC Placement Confirmed by Chest X-Ray
Midline Access Left180.6% Unable to Thread Catheter to SVC – Midline Placed for Access
Unable to Place PICC/Midline381.4% Unable to Place PICC/Midline
INFECTION RATE 00% Reported Infections
ADHERENCE OF DOCUMENTION7812100% Nursing of Visit

Infusion Care Experts, Inc. Recommendations:
– ICE recommends continuous use of Sherlock 3CG Technology to assure 100% tip location in optimal position.
– ICE recommends to use of PICC/Midline pre-criteria form to ensure patients meet requirements for bedside placement.