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Quality Assurance

patientIn an article published in the May/June 2008 issue of the Journal of Infusion Nursing, Drs. Hertzog and Waybill cite that “many authors have noted that successful bedside PICC placement is extremely operator dependent and have emphasized the importance of dedicated provider training, standardization of procedures, and continuous quality improvement programs. Ongoing quality assessment and data evaluation programs have improved outcomes.”

Hertzog PR, Waybill PN. Complications and controversies associated with peripherally inserted central catheters. J Infus Nurs. 2008; 31(3):159-163.

Infusion Care Experts, Inc. QA data collection Q2
The success rate for bedside placement of EKG PICCs terminating in the SVC utilizing Ultrasound/ MST.

Tip Location Placements %
SVC 1472 98.13%
Inability to place due to vascular anatomy 28 1.87%
Total: 1500 100%

Infection Rates Attributed to PICC Line Insertions

Total PICCs placed 1500
Infections 0
Infection Rate 0%

Bedside placement of PICC’s has a significantly high success rate for SVC placement at 94.6% when utilizing MST and ultrasound technology in conjunction with well-practiced infusion nurse specialists. The established benchmark for SVC placement was set at 92% and was exceeded.

Malpositioned PICC’s varied with the highest incidence occurring in the jugular at 2.38%. This was not unexpected in comparison to industry studies and was not found to be clinically significant. No evidence for practice change was identified this quarter.